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TIMES: 11.00am -- 6:00pm     CEs: 14     COST: $325

BODY DRUMMING, "Shake, Rock 'n' Roll..."  Get into the rhythm of life with this playful class which is about having a lot of fun and liberating your inner drummer!   Integrate the left and right hemispheres of your brain with your Body and Soul. The Rhythmic Techniques of this class whether they be Percussive, Body Rocking, Jostling along with massage itself, integrate beautifully to release tension, stimulate healing energy and blood flow, release holding patterns in the client, as well as mobilize their joints.   They range can be from very gentle and soothing to vigorous... 

Raise the level of your tapotment/percussive skills by learning new rhythms and applications.   Body Drumming will add a highly effective and fun dimension to your massage. And the effects and feel of which are excellent!

Most clients will also love the deeply relaxing and peaceful feelings engendered by the rocking of their body and limbs.   

The Rhythmic Techniques of this class integrate beautifully to release tension and holding patterns in the client.   As well as mobilize joints
.   They range can be from very gentle to vigorous...

The activation of the Healing Relaxation or Parasympathetic Mode of the Autonomic Nervous is also a very important benefit for the receiver..

These techniques are really fun and easy to apply for the giver.  

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 "Having a massage teacher teach rhythmic massage strokes is one thing.  Having Robert Sirch, (a trained drummer) teach you Body Drumming massage is pure bliss.   This under-utilized massage stroke comes alive when a drummer teaches you the secrets of basic counting and transitions from one stroke to the next.  Brighten up your massage technique with a new way of looking at your old percussive moves.  I rate Robert's Body Drumming class 5 gold stars!"              Ron Gordon LMT.

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"I took Robert Sirch’s class—“Body drumming: Shake, Rock ‘n’ Roll” on May 21-22, 2011 and it was one of the most useful and fun continuing education classes I’ve ever experienced.
Robert has a unique talent and gift for inspiring students with his knowledge, playfulness, insights, and feedback while providing a comfortable and conducive environment in which to learn exciting new techniques.  I learned some new movements and strokes that are not only beneficial for the client, but also for the therapist.  

"One of the inherent, successful, and fun parts of this class is the concept of transferring rhythmic strokes to the client.  We learned some basic rhythms and used drumming as warm-up exercises before working on the table.  What a great concept! When you think about it, there are rhythmic patterns in almost every activity in which we engage.  These patterns can be most relaxing or quite invigorating; that energy can easily be transferred to the client.  

"From the standpoint of a massage therapist, performing body drumming can be a nice “break” from many of the typical modalities used in a basic massage.  The combined use of compression, rocking, tapotement, and vibration can have a multitude of beneficial effects on the therapist as well. I have been doing massage for about 15 years and I now have incorporated these fun and useful techniques into my body work sessions.  The feedback I have received is totally positive and clients can’t seem to get enough! I am likewise finding that because I’m using my own body a bit differently during a session, I’m able to retain more stamina and clarity and focus while I work.

"If you are considering taking this class, I am sure that you will have great fun while you learn some exciting new techniques to incorporate into your sessions.  Robert is always enthusiastic, totally helpful and knowledgeable, while providing a comfortable and safe environment in which to learn easily."  Timothy Silva, LMT