LOWER BODY:     

Dates:  See Class Calendar

CEs:         14 each for Upper & Lower: 28 total.  

COST:      $325 for each two-day class.

TIMES:     11.00am - 6.00pm.

I have been teaching DEEP TISSUE since 1991...   These classes will enhance your ability to give a deeper massage while using less strength and energy by using your whole body, including weight and leverage.  Body Mechanics and Breathing will be strongly emphasized.  Clients will appreciate the reduction of pain, tightness & stress...  A new ‘secret’ tool is being added.   Without these techniques I wouldn’t have lasted very long in this great profession.

These Deep Tissue / Trigger Point classes actually encompasses a large spectrum of techniques, pressure & pacing.  These techniques help relieve hypertonicity and pain, prevent injury and enhance the performance and recovery for competing athletes ad performers.  They also contribute to the Training / Conditioning Phase of Sports Massage. This class also addresses trigger points and soft tissue injuries and, of course, can also be incorporated into a regular massage.   

Postural assessment for finding and addressing structural and functional imbalances will also be addressed. Applicable communication, breathing and ergonomic skills will be taught. Body Mechanics will be strongly emphasized.

Even if you are of small to medium build, you will be more able to effectively massage someone large and thickset.

Clients will appreciate the reduction of pain and other positive benefits...