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TIMES: 11:00am - 6.00pm.       CEs: 14       COST: $325

Positional Release augments bodywork exceptionally well, and is easy on the therapist’s body.  This class includes POST-EVENT SPORTS, LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE and POST-OPERATIVE MASSAGE techniques.  It is inspired by and encompasses the work of Dr. Lawrence Jones’ Strain-Counterstrain, but adds many more dimensions. ~  P/R is the antithesis of forcing contracted muscles into a stretch... In the case of an acute injury such as whiplash, it may be the most helpful and safest technique to apply.

TESTIMONIAL:  "The information and techniques I learned in your class, Postional Release, have been so useful in my practice.  When I went to work on Monday I was able to use the techniques I learned right away.  I now have another way of relieving pain for my clients without causing them any additional pain.   

"Also the work you did to my hip when you demonstrated helped improve my range-of-moton.  I hadn't been able to go on hikes for some time before that because of the pain, nor sit cross-legged on the floor -- and now I can again...   Thanks again, and I look forward to taking more classes from you in the future.

Terri Martin, LMT"