DATES:   See Class Calendar

TIMES:    11:00am till 6:00pm

COST:      $325

CEs:         14

Sports massage encompasses Pre -, Post - & Inter-Event massage.    

Techniques include Rocking, Shaking, Jostling, Compressions and Flushing or Drainage techniques.   All of these techniques can be adapted to a regular massage session.  

Sports Massage helps improve and enhance any performance, reduce injury and their recovery time for athletes & performers, by warming-up and/or helping to flush out the toxins from the muscles primarily used in the event.  

It is really appreciated by anyone who has pushed and taxed their body and knows that this massage will reduce or even prevent soreness and pain the day of, especially after an event, as well as help identify and address injuries.  

The Post Event Sports massage techniques can also be used after injury or surgery, as well as be incorporated into a regular massage treatment...

This class and its techniques equip you to set up and do massage at ALL KINDS of Events, (musical, dance, sporting, etc.) and help athletes and performers achieve their best...

Robert has been teaching Pre- & Post Event Sports Massage Classes since 1995.

These techniques substantially enhance the athlete's own warm-up for a competition or performance


"Hi, Robert, Just wanted to say thanks a million for the great massage you gave me right before my final on winning the Squash Masters' National Championships Title in Portland in March, 2007.   

"I walked straight from your treatment table to the court and began playing.  I needed no further warming up!

"Thankfully, you made all the difference, as I came to you with back pain, yet I did not feel any pain in my lower back during that final, which helped me win that title for the second time!

" You are the Man from Downunder!!!

Andre Maur,  US National Champion 2006  & 2007