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Robert has been teaching this class since 1996:  

These techniques will significantly help you treat any client, including easily deal with very tall and large clients.  They are ESSENTIAL TO HELP QUICKLY RELIEVE BACK, NECK-&-SHOULDER PAIN and TIGHTNESS, increase range-of-motion and improve POSTURE.    EASY and deeply meditative to give or receive, these techniques integrate beautifully and fluidly into your massage work.  Passive & Active techniques are used... 


Get stretched and help get rid of that pain!   These techniques are very easy and deeply meditative to give or receive.   They can significanty increase range-of-motion as well as a have profound therapeutic benefit for the client.  This class uses passive and Muscle Energy techniques (active muscular relaxaton & stretching techniques). 

THERAPEUTIC STRETCHING integrates beautifully and easily into your massage work.

Breathwork is incorporated into these techniques and great care is place upon client and practitioner safety.  

These techniques help in dealing with conditions such as frozen shoulder as well as mobility problems eminating from arthritis, for example.  

“Thank you so much for a fun and educational Therapeutic Stretching, Traction and Massage class. Today I put into practice a lot of what we learned over the weekend, and it was really fun and easy. My body felt good at the end of a long work day instead of feeling tired, sore, achy. I look forward to taking more classes with you down the line.”  Erin Holroyd    October 2013

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