Client Testimonials


“I started seeing Robert after hip surgery from a BASE Jumping accident . Over the years I have seen many massage therapists but Robert is by far at the top of the list. I was looking to get as much range of motion back in my hip as possible and he's just what the Doctor ordered.   So if you are looking for deep tissue expertise and stretching,  he's the man!”   
Michael Leming,   Chief Talent Scout,     NIKE, Inc.

"I received more relief from one session of Robert's massage therapy than four months of massage and adjustments at the chiropractor.  My hip pain has been alleviated and I feel better than I have in a very long time. Robert has great technique and was really able to find my problem and work it out.  I highly recommend Robert's work to friends and family, as well as anyone who seeks a professional and a well versed massage therapist. Thank you Robert, I appreciate it immensely."  Kelsey Junkin Feb. 2011.

"I first contacted Robert Sirch in 2010 because I was experiencing severe sciatica, to the point where I could not carry out daily activities without pain (and the need for pain relievers).  After a few massage sessions with Robert the sciatic pain was greatly reduced and eventually went away entirely.  It was a pleasure to once again be able to take walks and exercise without pain.  I will continue to work with Robert on a regular basis as "preventative maintenance." He is very knowledgeable and (very importantly) "listens" to his patients."
Jeff Edwards; March 2011

"As a weekend warrior who consistently suffers injury, I have relied on Robert's healing massage work to keep me healthy.  I have been a client for over a decade and I can honestly say that his work has allowed me to enjoy many different adventures that my body has started to rebel against.  Robert has helped me work through back problems, shin splints, numerous foot and ankle injuries, and a few other minor body aches.  I am an avid runner, cyclist, skier, and golfer and each of these activities have slowed me down in one way or another.  Robert's hot stone therapy and stretching has helped me continue to enjoy these activities.
Thank you Robert!"     Jordan Bader:   President:  Acme Construction Supply

"Dear, Robert: the magical work you performed on my chronically injured hamstrings this past year was key my winning Gold Medals in both the long and triple jump at the 2004 USA Masters Track & Field National Championships in Decatur, Illinois.

"Also the work you performed on my newly injured back the day before I flew to Oahu for the 2005 USA Masters' Track & Field National Championships was also magical in that I woke up the next day without any pain.  Without that crucial massage I would never have won yet another Gold Medal.   To this day I do not have any pain or discomfort or the constant injuries I suffered before I was referred to you way back in 2004."   (2009 US Master's Decathlon Champion:  45-49 yrs..)

Sincerely, Brian Coushay.


"Hi, Robert,

Just wanted to say thanks a million for the great massage you gave me right before my final on winning the Squash Masters' National Championships Title in Portland in March, 2007.   

"I walked straight from your treatment table to the court and began playing.  I needed no further warming up!

"Thankfully, you made all the difference, as I came to you with back pain, yet I did feel any pain in my lower back during that final, which helped me win that title for the second time!

" You are the Man from Downunder!!!

Andre Maur,  US National Champion 2006  & 2007


Holly McGlinchy, 'RIVERDANCE' Sydney, Australia:

"Robert's massages were the only thing that kept me going during 3 very stressful, tiring weeks in Portland. We've had many different massage therapists over my 2 years dancing with Riverdance and Robert is definitely rated as the cream of the crop! Plus he's a genuine Aussie -- which is always a bonus!"

Richard Allen, DC:

"Robert Sirch has treated me skillfully and thoroughly for myofascial adhesions and trigger points. As a chiropractor specializing in soft tissue injury and treatment, I really appreciate his effective application of deep tissue massage."