Student Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“Thank you so much for a fun and educational Therapeutic Stretching, Traction and Massage class. Today I put into practice a lot of what we learned over the weekend, and it was really fun and easy. My body felt good at the end of a long work day instead of feeling tired, sore, achy. I look forward to taking more classes with you down the line.”  Erin Holroyd    October 2013 

"I want to thank you for such a wonderful class.  It was the most relaxed and enjoyable class I have taken.   I absolutely love the hot Serpentine Stones!  
they are great to work with, so easy on my hands.  They are also nice to receive.  I know they will add a lot to the massages I give, especially to my pregnant and post-partum clients.   I am looking forward to taking another one of your classes in the future."   Nanci Doherty, LMT.     July 2012

"I took Robert's "Deep Tissue, Lower Body" class and it was really what I needed as I had overworked my legs the previous week in Crossfit.   Robert is a very good and knowledgeable teacher who was able to guide another LMT in using just the right combination of strokes to heal the damage I had done to my legs.   I went into class limping in pain and slightly bent over, and I walked out of the class standing tall and pain free!   Thanks Robert!  Sincerely,  Stuart Tait, LMT.    June 2012 

"Robert's Tropical Healing class surpassed my expectations.  By the
last day of the class, I felt completely nourished, every cell filled
and vibrating with energy.  Robert was a caring, attentive and
knowledgeable instructor.  Not is his massage knowledge extensive, but
also his ability to make snorkeling in the ocean a memorable and
healing experience.  I would tell every massage therapist that is
drawn to this class, "Don't hesitate, sign up."  Cinda Friedman, LMT

"Today's class was awesome and "Body Drumming" yesterday really blew me 
I will definitely seek you out for further CEs."  Lyn Hughey, LMT.

"I was not sure what to expect with this class, but having taken classes (The Hot Stone) from Robert Sirch before I knew it would be a great experience.  The Body Drumming has been very invigorating for my clients and myself!   I now have another set of tools to incorporate in my massage work.  The combination of my personal techniques, body drumming and the Hot or Cold stone therapy keeps me motivated and my clients happy.  The body drumming has been great for my athletic clients, but also soothing for those who want a more gentle approach.  Robert is a great inspiration and very knowledgeable with his practice.  I truly look forward to taking more invigorating classes from him!!'   Denise Coomes, LMT

"Whenever I need CEU's I always check Robert's classes first. His knowledge and teaching skills combined with the fun atmosphere and healing space he provides are unlike any other classes I have taken. I always come away with a gift that I can pass on to my clients, and also utilize in my own life."

Carol Bixby-McDonald, LMT, RYT.

"After dealing with shoulder pain and limited ROM for several weeks, I received some myokinetic body work during a class taught by Robert Sirch and the result was amazing! The ROM improved considerably in my shoulder for which I am thrilled! I recommend myokinetic therapy and the class."    Maga Decker, LMT

"After taking the Hot Serpentine Stone class with Robert I began introducing them into my regular massages with my returning clients and they were awed! They were so impressed with the versatility, to have the heat of a stone massage but the ability to still do deep work, not your normal hot stone massage. I now use them with all my clients to rave reviews. I would highly recommend taking Robert's classes, he is an excellent and fun teacher.  Thanx Robert."    Sandy Turk, LMT #13766 

“Hi Robert, I have missed the healthy community with Massage Therapists like those who attended class this weekend.  What a great group!  I came away with a lot of new ideas and skills..  Thank you for giving yourself to this profession.  You have a wonderful gift of teaching.  Not only do you share your knowledge but you learn from us as well which gives us a woderful sense of value.”
Ruth Bryant, LMT

"I loved the teachings you provided to allow for a long life practicing massage therapy!  It’s your hard work on yourself allows you to be the teacher you are, which allows for a relaxed, wise, & informative flow of what you impart.   
Blessings & the Best of the Best to You.”  Kelly Loggan, LMT

“Hi Robert,
After attending your Scalp, Face, Forearms, Hands, Legs & Feet massage class I just had to e-mail you.  I really loved this weekend and have to say this was one of the very best CE classes I have ever taken.  It was not only very informative but the most relaxed I have been in a long time.  The other women in the class and of course you made it absolutely the perfect.  Thank you so much for all you do and I will see you next time!”     Diane Stanton, LMT, NTP 

"Robert's FACE, SCALP, FOREARMS, HANDS, LEGS & FEET class was terrific!  Robert created a welcoming, supportive learning environment and he was extremely attentive to his student's needs.  Plenty of hands-on experience and time on the table allowed us to experience the techniques on the giving and receiving ends.  I left feeling more energized than when I arrived, not to mention armed with numerous new techniques to incorporate into my practice."    David Hall, LMT 

I have been taking alot of classes from Robert since 1992 and I have to say he is excellent with his teachings.  He has a great ability with his knowledge of the human body from his kinesiology teaching.  His ability to have patience teaching, thoroughly going through the steps with you so you can have the confidence when you leave his classes.   You will be able to use these techniques immediately after his classes and incoropate them throughout your work.  I feel anyone who take his classes will find the same result as I have in his teachings...  Kathy Strivens, LMT

"After taking a one-day, over-priced workshop offered by a national company that allowed only 45 minutes of hands-on learning during the whole 6 hours, I was so grateful for Robert's class.  With a full understanding of kinesiology and a sense of humor, he taught us great massage techniques with lots of hands-on practice.  I can't wait to take another workshop with him!"
Liz Flint-Somerville, LMT

"Hi Robert, Thanks to you and your hot serpentine stone class, I can do a better job on my clients without tearing up my thumbs.  Since integrating your techniques, what was once hard work is now effortless.  Stubborn restrictive adhesions have 
become much easier to wrestle from tangled muscle fibers and fascia."
Doug Casey, LMT.  Member of the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Medical Staff

"I have just completed a serpentine stone class with Robert Sirch and  
it has given my business the edge I needed to compete in this  
uncertain economy.  Robert has a thorough knowledge of kinesiology  
and a special sensitivity for clients as well as students and their  
needs.  In addition, his explanations are clear and practical.  Now,  
when my clients enter the room, they always request the stones.  I  
have every confidence in recommending Robert's classes to anyone who  
is serious about therapeutic massage and would like to build their  
business.  Ayron Haley, LMT #4345 

 "Having a massage teacher teach rhythmic massage strokes is one thing.  Having Robert Sirch, (a trained drummer) teach you Body Drumming massage is pure bliss.   This under-utilized massage stroke comes alive when a drummer teaches you the secrets of basic counting and transitions from one stroke to the next.  Brighten up your massage technique with a new way of looking at your old percussive moves.  I rate Robert's Body Drumming class 5 gold stars!"
Ron Gordon LMT.     Eugene, OR

"With a history of fractured cervical vertebrae and rotator cuff injuries, I'm constantly battling cervical pain and discomfort. I've seen Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists from one end of the country to the other. I've experienced the greatest relief from Robert's 'MYOKINETIC THERAPY'. Both comfort and mobility have genuinely increased." Nicholas Romano, Master Carpenter/RIVERDANCE: 

"Robert has been a focal point of high-quality, professional education at our school for over ten years. He has helped develop our Kinesiology and advanced massage classes into excellent training grounds for future massage therapists and bodyworkers. His insistance on top performance from his students had helped build the reputation OSM carries as a leader in bodywork education."
Jill Stanard, ND, Director of Education, Oregon School of Massage. October 30, 2003:

"I came into Robert's Serpentine Stone Class last Feb. 19th 2011 suffering from a chronic tendonitis in my right shoulder. Not only did I fulfill my C.E.U.s for renewing my LMT license in a fun and informative class, I walked out of there on Sunday evening with my shoulder feeling like it had turned the corner. Now, 6 days later, I can say unequivocally that the deep tissue techniques employed with the use of the Serpentine Stone made the difference for this painful condition. It's not often that we, as practitioners, can receive both new skills AND healing in a 14 hour class. I highly recommend to all my peers looking for C.E.U.s to give Robert a call and get registered for one or more of his classes. I guarantee you won't regret it!"   William Neighbors LMT #5281 Or.

"Robert's Deep Tissue classes moved me from amateur to professional in that I could really help my clients and not hurt myself." Don Weter, LMT: