Student Testimonials

"Robert has taught me ways to use my body less and heal more, even in 
a 60 minute session. His techniques, body mechanics and communication skills 
will help with mine and your future in this career. He is creative and teaches 
very easy to learn strokes that you may have never thought of before. After I took his class I took what I learned to work and did 6 hours of massage and 
still had energy for more. All of my clients felt the difference right away. I 
am blessed to have met Robert Sirch. Try his class and discover more! And I 
mean MORE!!"    Adeline Farrer, LMT

"I took Robert Sirch’s class—“Body drumming: Shake, Rock ‘n’ Roll” on May 21-22, 2011 and it was one of the most useful and fun continuing education classes I’ve ever experienced.  Robert has a unique talent and gift for inspiring students with his knowledge, playfulness, insights, and feedback while providing a comfortable and conducive environment in which to learn exciting new techniques.  I learned some new movements and strokes that are not only beneficial for the client, but also for the therapist.  

"One of the inherent, successful, and fun parts of this class is the concept of transferring rhythmic strokes to the client.  We learned some basic rhythms and used drumming as warm-up exercises before working on the table.  What a great concept! When you think about it, there are rhythmic patterns in almost every activity in which we engage.  These patterns can be most relaxing or quite invigorating; that energy can easily be transferred to the client.  

"From the standpoint of a massage therapist, performing body drumming can be a nice “break” from many of the typical modalities used in a basic massage.  The combined use of compression, rocking, tapotement, and vibration can have a multitude of beneficial effects on the therapist as well. I have been doing massage for about 15 years and I now have incorporated these fun and useful techniques into my body work sessions.  The feedback I have received is totally positive and clients can’t seem to get enough! I am likewise finding that because I’m using my own body a bit differently during a session, I’m able to retain more stamina and clarity and focus while I work.

"If you are considering taking this class, I am sure that you will have great fun while you learn some exciting new techniques to incorporate into your sessions.  Robert is always enthusiastic, totally helpful and knowledgeable, while providing a comfortable and safe environment in which to learn easily."   Timothy Silva, LMT, 


"I decided to take Robert Sirch's HOT SERPENTINE STONE THERAPY class when my business started dropping.  I felt like I needed to add something more to my massages.  I absolutely loved the class.  There was a lot of one on one attention given which made understanding the modality easier.  It was fun and interesting which made the time go by fast.  I felt like I got my money's worth.

"It has been a few months since I've taken the class.  I started using the stones with my clients right away.  My clients love the stones!  My business is starting to pick up and I'm getting referrals.  I definitely recommend taking the class and incorporating the Serpentine Stones with massages.  It's easy and effective, especially if you have client that is extremely tight.  I am pregnant right now and the stones have helped me not to exert my body so much on my clients, but yet the massage is still a quality massage."  Danielle Adamson, LMT   July, 2010

“After 13 years of continuing education classes, Robert is the only one that I can enjoy giving up a week-end for.  The classes are small and you get specific instruction.  It is no longer a drag and I can actually come away with techniques I can use in my massage practice.  I first met Robert when I started massage school in 1995.  I took my first deep tissue class with him and continue to use those same techniques in my practice.  He gets all the credit for my success as an L.M.T.  Robert cares that we learn to help our clients, but also gives us information and techniques to keep us healthy.   You will never regret a class with Robert. Pat Hilton,  LMT

"After taking a one-day, over-priced workshop offered by a national company that allowed only 45 minutes of hands-on learning during the whole 6 hours, I was so grateful for Robert's class.  With a full understanding of kinesiology and a sense of humor, he taught us great massage techniques with lots of hands-on practice.  I can't wait to take another workshop with him!  Thanks again for the great classes!"

Liz Flint-Somerville, LMT


"The information and techniques I learned in your class, Positional Release, have been so useful in my practice.  When I went to work on Monday I was able to use the techniques I learned right away.  I now have another way of relieving pain for my clients without causing them any additional pain.   

"Also the work you did to my hip when you demonstrated helped improve my range-of-moton.  I hadn't been able to go on hikes for some time before that because of the pain, nor sit cross-legged on the floor -- and now I can again...   Thanks again, and I look forward to taking more classes from you in the future.

Terri Martin, LMT"


"Your Myokinetic Therapy Class was terrific!  Have been using the techniques you taught us to much success.   You are an excellent teacher.   I look forward to taking yet another one of your classes...

"I really mean what I have said about your classes.  The knowledge you share with us comes from deep within you.   You make me want to be the best massage therapist pssoible for each of my clients.   Thank you for all the help you have given me over the numerous classes I have had from you.   I know your classes have made a big difference in the work I do.

Sr. Delores Adelman"


"Hi, Robert, I just wanted to thank you for another great class; as always it was very informative.   I thought I'd let you know about a success story that happened for me when I as working on a regular client a few days after class with a long-standing problem in her metatarsal area in the ball of her foot...   Long story short I spent about ten minutes using the Positional Release techniques and she walked away as if it has never hurt.  She was very happy indeed.      Thanks again,   Ken Graham."


HI Robert, I was just thinking of writing you when your email came. I wanted to tell you that I had such a great experience in your class and I have  been using what aI leaqrned all week with great results! As I mentioned, as a Physical Therapist Assistant, I am now required to have continuing education and your class offered me a nice alternative to the usual material. And I have to say, my manual therapy skills are greatly enhanced after your thorough coverage of so many deep tissue techniques while keeping me mindful of my own body mechanics. Your command of anatomy and kinesiology brought back to the forefront many details I had allowed to slip into the background of my mind. It was intimate enough to feel an almost one on one level of instruction, yet full enough to enjoy other therapists' input and comradery. And being the recipient of hours of work in the process was worth the price in itself! 

   It is one thing to have a head full of knowledge, but what is important is what you can IMPART to your students. I got it! My hands are different than before I attended your class and I was able to go to work and use it all the next day. My body hurts less as break my old habits and work smarter. Thank you so much. I would recommend your classes to anyone. Please give my name as a reference if you like.  I will be back! 

 Sincerely, Kim MacQuarrie