LOCATION:   Kihiei, Maui.   

CLASS DATES:  Four Class days:  Dates to be set...

 10am till 5:00pm

AIRFARE: http://www.cheaptickets.com  Kahului/Maui, HI (Airport code: OGG

CEs: 25    COST: $450

Please send a $200 deposit to Robert Sirch, LMT, at 17597 NW Sauvie Island Rd, Portland  OR  97231. 

Email Robert for further info...

TESTIMONIAL: "Robert's Tropical Healing class surpassed my expectations.  By the last day of the class, I felt completely nourished, every cell filled and vibrating with energy.  Robert was a caring, attentive and knowledgeable instructor.  Not is his massage knowledge extensive, but also his ability to make snorkeling in the ocean a memorable and healing experience.  I would tell every massage therapist that is drawn to this class, "Don't hesitate, sign up."  Cinda Friedman

This is A TRULY RELAXING & FUN LEARNING-VACATION!  Much of the this class will take place on Beautiful Sandy Beaches & in the Warm, Healing Ocean Waters of Hawaii.  TROPICAL HEALING will include Massage, Strengthening & Stretching, Balance & Eye Exercises, Meditation, as well as Undulation -, Breath Enrichment© -, & Aqua-Exercise/Movement/Floating Therapies © Aquacise & Floating Therapies.  Direct flight from Portland to Maui!  One full day off to explore the Island, etc.  Stay a few days longer after class is finished for even more relaxation & exploration... Spouses and friends can also participate in this class..  Shared rooms starting from only $50 per night.  , which includes taxes.  See links below for some info on the fun things to do and places to go on Maui!!!  Feed your Soul with Hawaii’s Exquisite Panoramic Sunsets...


TAP into the CHI of the OCEAN!   

There will be breathing & other exercises on the beach -- and in the ocean where one student will support, move and massage another.  Class will include undulation exercises... The breathing therapy will be also used to enhance deep relaxation in your clients and yourself while giving massage. 

Students will a full day off to explore more of the island; even get around to the volcano if they want.

"Maui is where & how I was able to heal a fractured Calcaneous that all associated doctors and other health care providers told me was impossible to rejoin on its own and that surgery would be the only way to get my heel bone to be in one piece again.  Thanks to the Warm Ocean, Sun and Fresh Air, Healing Visualization, among other natural therapies I was able to avoid the surgery which would have required screwing the bones back together again..."  Robert Sirch.

This class is about self healing  ~  helping your clients to heal  ~  'supporting' one another  ~  being supported by the Ocean... ~~~

The Breathing techniques
 as well as the Bodywork, Strengthening, Visualization & Aquatic Techniques of this class enhance the efficiency and strength of all the muscles involved in breathing:  the Diaphragm, Intercostals, SCM, Scalenes, Abdominals and more...   This allows the relaxation of tight musculature and helps with easier and deeper breathing to help release stress and to attain a deeper sense of peace.  Also they will greatly assist in sports and other activities.   

This class will also include breathing and other exercises on the beach & in the ocean, facilitated ocean bodywork and movement, and for those inclined -- free-diving -- to prove the power of these breathing techniques...

Many of the disorders induced or exacerbated by stress such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Indigestion, Constipation, Asthma, etc. will be helped by the techniques in this class and by the CHI of the OCEAN!

There will also be massage of the Abdominal Viscera to provide General, Digestive and Emotional Benefits for receivers...  The Whole Abdomen will be given a gentle &/or deep, thorough massage to loosen the tight muscles around the stomach, assist the large intestine to eliminate waste matter, and to encourage the arteries that feed the digestive and eliminative organs with their vital blood supply. 

The activation of the Healing Relaxation or Parasympathetic Mode of the Autonomic Nervous is also a very important benefit for the givers & receivers in this class...